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Turn a passion into an exciting career with the Culinary Management diploma from Lambton College. Learn from journeyperson chefs with years of experience in a variety of food service operations.This 12-month fast-track program prepares students for the dynamic and growing food industry as a chef or culinary manager. Students will experience all facets of the food industry where food trends and dining culture are constantly evolving. Program
curriculum reflects the demanding knowledge and skills required of a successful chef who must constantly adapt to all industry standards regardless of the enterprise.Faculty are committed to sharing with students the importance of sustainable practices as it applies to purchasing and preparing local foods. New courses on applied nutrition, geographical gastronomy and the science of food and beverage reflect changing
consumer tastes.The program prioritizes experiential learning in all terms. Students enhance their skills and abilities in restaurant operations for Café, Bistro and Fine Dining in Lambton College's student-run enterprise, Capstones. Related curriculum provided in the program emphasizes the importance of operating a fiscally responsible food business through the application of business principles and costing and control practices. Technology and mobile applications are integrated into business operations with emphasis
on the development of marketing and promotional strategies.Practical application classes are held in small lab sections that allow students to challenge themselves. The supportive learning environment provides more one-on-one discussion and allows flexibility adapting curriculum to the needs of the student. Students
develop essential strategies for continuous personal and professional learning and are held to standards that are among the highest in culinary education while developing industry-related skills. Field placements provide opportunities to network with community partners in varying food services outlets that provide students a real life working experience. The program prepares students to challenge the in-class portion of the Assistant Cook and Cook Apprentice designations. These are important initial steps towards your pursuit of the Provincial Trade of Cook Certificate of Qualification (Red Seal).Provincial Trade of Cook Certificate of Qualification (Red Seal)Opportunities for students to earn while they learn exist where students are given authentic culinary exposure to hone their skills and enhance their understanding of the operations of the culinary industry while within the program.

Program Duration:
1 Year
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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