Lambton College

Chemical Laboratory Technology • CTEC

Advanced Diploma

Laboratory technologists are critical in many growing industries such as chemical products and materials, petroleum refineries, food processing, breweries, distilleries, pharmaceutical manufacturing and development, natural health products and the new
cannabis sector.New Exciting Opportunities in Chemical Laboratory TechnologyPicture yourself in the exciting and exploding career of cannabis, ginseng and other natural health products. Part of a team making differences for people every day and in the future. Picture yourself as part of a team developing sustainable energy, bio-sourced
plastics and composites, building a greener future for your children.There are scientists required to analyze these technologies and conduct research to bring products to market. Lambton College's Chemical Laboratory Technology program will prepare you to work in these and other industries in a unique hands on way.Unique Learning OpportunitiesThis program is a truly unique offering in the Ontario College System. The Chemical Laboratory Technology program builds on the curriculum of the Chemical Laboratory Technician, however does so by an entire term where students meet their learning outcomes
by solving real world problems doing real world research. This unique project based hands-on curriculum in program's final year focuses on the areas of natural health products, including ginseng and cannabis, but also the chemistry of building environmentally
sustainable solutions in bio-materials and energy.

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