Lambton College

Biomaterials & Chemical Laboratory Analysis - Applied Science • BCAS

Graduate Certificate

The Lambton College Biomaterials & Chemical Laboratory Analysis - Applied Science, Ontario College Graduate Certificate, two-year program provides focused, experiential education to meet the demands of the energy, advanced materials, cannabis and other natural health product industries. In this program, students study advanced concepts in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics and mathematics applied to chemical analysis and complex problem solving in a hands-on laboratory environment.Students conduct tests and develop solutions to problems in analyses of raw materials, products, or environmental samples, synthesize organic or inorganic compounds and prepare reports and technical documentation related to chemical analyses. Within the laboratory environment, graduates implement, coordinate and evaluate quality assurance and quality control procedures, in accordance with international and industry standards and government regulations. The program prepares students to analyze natural products, energy and advanced materials for quality and contribute to research and development.

Program Duration:
2 Years
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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