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Game Development

Advanced Diploma

Apply your computer programming talent to launch a career creating games of strategy and skill.
The three-year Game - Development Ontario College Advanced Diploma program prepares you to enter into the increasingly competitive profession of game development with confidence. This program provides you with hands-on learning and a team-oriented environment that simulates the work setting found in large game studios. Throughout the program, you learn the design and critical thinking skills needed to find employment in the game development industry.
As a student, you learn how to create games of strategy and skill in an applied setting. During your first year, you gain knowledge in basic programming syntax and game development software tools. You enhance your skills with courses in:

game design and development
traditional and digital imaging
For your final project, you work with your classmates to conceptualize, design and implement a complete 3-D game title. After graduation, you have the skills to demonstrate you are ready to start your career in this highly competitive field.
There are numerous career opportunities for graduates from this program. The game development profession has increased in demand to now include industries such as entertainment, education, government and consumer products.
You may find employment as a:

game developer
game programmer
software developer
game play programmer
game designer
game artist
asset modeler
texture artist
game animator
indie game producer
Most opportunities in this industry exist outside of the Ottawa area.
This program is well-suited for students who:

Have strong observational critical-thinking and analytical skills.
Enjoy a hands-on approach to learning about the game development industry.
Have an aptitude for and are proficient in math.
Thrive in a creative and innovative environment.
Are comfortable with computer programming elements.

Program Duration:
3 Years
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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