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Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor Degree

Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce – Digital Business Management degree program provides the essential components of a traditional business degree plus a broad selection of cutting-edge technology and advanced digital business management and marketing tools. It will help prepare you to succeed in a highly competitive business environment. By graduation, your digital business skills will include:

developing digital business sales and marketing plans (product analysis, pricing strategies, distribution channels, promotional programs)
employing project management and change management tools
analyzing financial issues and how they affect pricing, cost and profit
integrating effective and efficient supply chain management operations/tactics/strategies
redesigning and streamlining business processes using information and communication technology (ICT)

Courses include accounting, micro/macroeconomics, business law, marketing, information systems, ethics, e-commerce, web development, database systems, supply chain management, mobile development, data science for business analytics and more.
You’ll be able to put classroom learning into practice and get real-world experience by attending industry events, participating in competitions and learning first-hand from guest speakers and other industry events.
Our program starts with a foundation of business studies in areas such as organizational behaviour, law, economics, finance and accounting, marketing, and operations management. Specialization courses will focus on digital business management.

Program Duration:
8 semesters
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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