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Carpentry and Renovation Techniques


Humber’s Carpentry and Renovation Techniques certificate is one of three stackable programs within the Carpentry-Construction group. Along with the Building Construction Technician diploma and the Construction Engineering Technology advanced diploma, the program introduces students to the carpentry trade, gives practical experience with trade regulations and best practices. Students will be able to move from this certificate program into the diploma and advanced diploma programs.
This program is designed to introduce you to both the practical experience necessary for trade regulations and the academic requirements of carpentry trade certification. You will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental technical elements of the carpentry trade.
You will learn health and safety practices and perform building construction and renovation tasks in compliance with contracts, building code, laws and ethical practices. These practices will be taught in light of established sustainability practices. You will learn to safely operate tools and assist in the preparation of estimations. Essential learnings also include time management, team work and problem solving.

Program Duration:
2 semesters
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
Winter 2023:
Fall 2023:
Spring 2023:
Spring 2024:
Winter 2024:
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