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You’re smart. That’s a good start. Also funny and creative. You’ve been called “talented.” You do stuff like write, draw, paint, design posters, dance, play music, DJ, take cool photos, do stand-up comedy, shoot your own videos, create animated GIFs. You like to make things and get stuff done. You’re the one who organizes the stage crew and the Talent Night. Maybe you’ve already done some other study – anthropology, English, history, psychology, graphic design, photography. And you’re wondering: “Can I make a career out of any of this?”
We certainly think so. How about art director, copywriter, strategist, or account executive in the world of advertising – probably the most fun business you can be in while actually being paid (well) to be creative.
In Humber’s Bachelor of Creative Advertising program, you’ll work hard. You’ll get a lot of depth and theory, but you’ll do even more hands-on work that puts that theory to real-world use. You'll build skills you never knew you had. You’ll have fun. You’ll meet lifelong friends and creative collaborators who will become the core of your future professional network. You’ll mix and work with industry professionals, build a killer portfolio, and launch your career with a 14-week internship – probably at one of the better agencies in the country.
The program provides a unique, 360-degree education in the key aspects of modern advertising: art direction, copywriting, account management and creative strategy. Over the four years of the degree, this allows you to discover your own particular creative strengths and identify your ideal career path while working in industry-standard teams and learning how to develop powerful, effective advertising campaigns.
At its core, the Bachelor of Creative Advertising program is designed to build future industry leaders, and we do. Our award-winning alumni work on major brands, and many of them now hold senior positions in top Canadian and international ad agencies.

Program Duration:
8 semesters
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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