Humber College

Industrial Design, Bachelor of

Bachelor Degree

Industrial designers design products for consumers. Examples include sports footwear, headphones, wearables and transportations.
Graduates of the program are in high demand for the practical skills gained through the program’s hands-on learning environment. These skills include sketching, digital graphic rendering, model-making and computer-aided design (CAD).
The program is project driven, and many of the design projects will involve industry collaboration to ensure real-world relevance.
Students elect a design specialization in Year 3 in one of:

transportations design
product design
interaction design

Transportations designers design the appearance (styling) of motor vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Humber is the only industrial design program in Canada that offers a transportations design specialization.
In product design, there is more emphasis on the method of finding a solution to a user’s problem in order to make doing a task easier or make the user experience with the product more satisfying.
Interaction design is a new offering in the program which recognizes that more and more physical products are integrating a digital component, including touch screens or voice activation.

Program Duration:
8 semesters
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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