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Early Childhood Education (Intensive)


Facilitating children`s learning through play.
The Early Childhood Education Ontario College Diploma program, delivered in an intensive format over 34 weeks, prepares you to become an educator of young children in a variety of early learning settings.
As a student in the Intensive program, you have relevant prior education and experiences that allow you to complete the coursework in an accelerated time frame. As a result, the program is fast-paced with frequent assignments.
This program provides you with the ability to create, implement and assess play-based curricula while building stimulating child-centred environments.
Benefit from both theoretical and hands-on learning opportunities. You have two field placements during the program that focus on children from birth to age 12. These real-world experiences allow you to integrate theory with professional practice in early learning programs.
You assist in providing guidance to children while planning, implementing and evaluating programs. Through your placements, you gain valuable hands-on skills and experience to help you understand the diverse roles, settings and responsibilities of an Early Childhood Educator.
Upon graduation, you are eligible to register with the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE). Registration with the CECE is required to be eligible to work as an Early Childhood Educator in Ontario.
This program is well-suited for students who:

Have strong observational and analytical skills.
Enjoy working as a member of a team.
Have strong language (oral and written) skills.
Are self-reliant and enjoy challenges.
Are interested in child development and teaching children through play.
Are comfortable using computers and other forms of technology.
Enjoy working with children and their families.
Early Childhood Education is a physically demanding profession. Individuals entering this program must be able to lift children (up to 70 pounds). As well, individuals must be able to move quickly/run between areas in the room and outside in order to ensure childrens safety. In addition, educators must constantly observe children to ensure safety and to assess childrens abilities, skills and interests in order to develop meaningful curricula. Entering the program without these abilities may result in unsuccessful field placements and students who fail to successfully complete field placements are not be eligible to graduate from the program.

Program Duration:
34 Weeks
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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