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Graduate Certificate

Looking to combine expertise in strategy, creativity and process management with writing, presentation and communication skills to contribute to the fast-paced, creative world of advertising? This program may be for you.
Humber’s Advertising - Account Management (AAM) graduate certificate program will prepare you to effectively manage a client-focused creative process within an advertising agency or a marketing department. Develop client solutions by leveraging brand strategy, digital planning and client-agency relationships, and prepare to be part of a team capable of driving strong communication.
In the AAM program, you will develop a greater understanding of the world of creative advertising. Over eight months, you will prepare to be part of a team capable of driving effective communication to target audiences. Internships begin after successful completion of all courses in May.
This program is primarily directed at advertising agency account managers but is adaptable to other communication or design-based companies in need of skillful client, media and project management.
The AAM program is a unique, writing-intensive program that explores skills from the advertising and creative side and the project management process.
An underpinning of the coursework investigates how digital marketing and social media impact advertising today.
Industry guest speakers, current communication challenges, in-class activities and case studies are also used to make classes engaging.
Humber’s approach to the practical application of knowledge will enable you to confidently present effective and efficient solutions.
Building on your strong writing skills, you will develop your presentation and communication skills in order to better liaise with creative and client-side teams.
By incorporating people skills and critical thinking, you will acquire the essential knowledge to contribute to the fast-paced, creative world of advertising.
As a graduate, you will be an asset in three key areas:
· client relationships
· creativity
· process management
Ultimately, you will learn to solve specific advertising and marketing communications challenges by providing strategic insights into consumer behaviour. You will also learn the link between successful creative and client success criteria including return on investment (ROI) and revenue goals, and how to develop briefs that inspire grounded, effective, and exciting works.
Digital storytelling and new communications platforms are integrated throughout the program. An in-depth understanding of integrated marketing communications and its relationship to business will help you succeed in this complex and challenging field. In support of the internship process, the Humber AAM program offers dedicated support as you progress through your internship search. While your experience in the year may differ, we strive to support each student as they carve out their niche in the industry and find their own fit. Visit to see the internship site for this program.
When you join this program, you will also meet other postgraduate students who hope to work in the industry alongside you.
Humber offers certificates in Advertising Copywriting, Account Management and Art Direction where these students have combined Fundamentals of Advanced Advertising (FAA) courses to learn the necessary skills in a new, innovative format.
The Ad Studio FFA course replicates the advertising industry, and students work across disciplines in these classes.
Students from the three advertising disciplines take classes together to learn every aspect of the industry and work together in creative teams... your networking begins day one.
Just like in the real world. Only at Humber.
Is this program right for me?
A career in advertising is demanding but exciting. But how will you know if the Advertising - Account Management program is right for you?
Ask yourself these questions:
· Do you want to start networking on day one?
· Are you interested in understanding how advertising strategies come to life?
· Do you have strong writing skills?
· Are you excited about creating plans and watching them come to life?
· Do you want to come to work with teams of creative and business minds?
· Do you want to work at or with some of the world’s best agencies and/or brands?
· Do you want to meet others who will be in the industry with you including copywriters and art directors?

If you answered yes to these questions, then this program may be the right path for you.

Program Duration:
3 semesters
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
Winter 2023:
Fall 2023:
Spring 2023:
Spring 2024:
Winter 2024:
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