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Drawing Foundations for Animation and Illustration


Strengthen your creative skills as you define your path forward on your artistic journey.
This one-year Drawing Foundations for Animation and Illustration Ontario College Certificate helps you to develop the strong drawing skills that are necessary for your evolution as an artist to further your education in various creative visual art programs.
Expand your potential, using a wide variety of digital and traditional mediums to build creative works, while discovering your strengths and preferences along the way. Immersed in a studio environment, you explore life drawing, sculpting, and character, environment and creature design. You also create appealing environments that encompass a sense of character and a lived-in feel using proper perspective, texture and detail. Sculpting and painting with digital tools and software solidifies your understanding of the properties of light, value and colour and their influence in a 3D environment.
You have the opportunity to research and explore your abilities and interests in:

comic books
book illustration
concept art
graphic novels
Throughout the program, you create a diverse portfolio that represents your drawing ability and artistic strengths that can be used to apply for further programs of study. An annual showcase provides an opportunity to exhibit your best works and interact with industry professionals, peers, family and friends. This foundational training provides you with an introduction to more advanced drawing-related programs including, but not limited to:

Animation Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Illustration and Concept Art Ontario College Diploma
As a graduate, you will qualify to receive transfer credits in related programs for some courses taken in this program. Contact the Program Coordinator to explore specific transfer credit opportunities.
Note: As part of the curriculum of Drawing Foundations for Animation and Illustration, students study and draw human anatomy and nude figures.
This program is well-suited for students who:

Have a passion for the arts.
Are comfortable viewing and drawing the human form.
Enjoy sketching and drawing.
Are creative, visual thinkers.
Are excited to improve artistically.
Work well under pressure to accomplish tasks.

Program Duration:
1 Year
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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