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Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology - BBP1

Bachelor Degree

The Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology program is a four-year degree that equips graduates with extensive knowledge, theory, and practice in the specialized field of behavioural psychology, or Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), a sector within the broader field of Psychology. The program provides extensive work-integrated learning experiences for students, including 420 hours of practicum, and 420 hours of internship.
The program introduces students to the cognitive and behaviour perspective of the human lifespan, and prepares them to work with people with autism, developmental disabilities, and/or addictions across a variety of sectors including corrections, early intervention, education, gerontology, rehabilitation, and health care. Graduates will be prepared to actively conduct assessments, design and carry out interventions, and complete evaluations with a wide array of individuals. This program will also prepare students to be effective communicators through its emphasis on written and oral communication. Effective communication is taught, evaluated and reinforced throughout the curriculum, with students practicing their listening and comprehension skills as they learn to implement behavioural interventions based on information provided by others. Students will enhance their communication skills by transferring knowledge of the field and clients to other ABA practitioners and to laypeople, including clients and their support people.
Students will also engage in a live lab element within coursework, in collaboration with a local partner, where they will observe and engage in cutting-edge work, research, and apply theory to practice.
Graduates may further their studies in B.Ed. programs (teacher’s college) or pursue a master's degree.

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