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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - GIS1

Graduate Certificate

The GIS program offers a project-based, software intensive format that focuses on building a foundation in GIS, with the flexibility to focus your studies in your selected area of expertise in geographic data. You’ll have access to our cutting-edge technology that will help you develop skills in remote-sensing, object-oriented programming, spatial analysis and modelling, digital photogrammetry, map projections, web map GIS and CAD skills. You can also apply your skills in an optional four-month summer co-op work experience with an associated GIS-based employer. GIS placements may include government agencies, GIS software employers, and other private industry companies that use GIS technology. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the field and connect with industry partners. This program prepares graduates for employment in a wide range of land-based industries that utilize spatial and tabular data. The program is project-based, software-intensive, interdisciplinary, and focused on building flexible, current, high-end applied skills. Students will gain mastery of foundational GIS skills and apply leading-edge techniques in GIS Science to create spatial solutions. Remote sensing, object-oriented programming, spatial analysis and modeling, digital photogrammetry, web map/web GIS and CAD skills will all be developed, and students will have the opportunity to apply these technical skills to their own areas of specialization (engineering, social sciences, humanities, community health or other sciences). Students are required to have a PC laptop computer for all courses and to have internet access whether attending face-to-face classes or online sessions. Classes are delivered as face-to-face classroom sessions. All classes will be digitally broadcast and recorded. Full-time and part-time students have the option to watch live interactive webcasts or attend classes personally for all courses. All webcasts will be archived so students can review material. Applicants applying to the Online version of the program should select Campus Code LCL (LCL - London-Online), and should ensure they have appropriate technological capacity to complete the program, including access to a computer, required software and internet access for each course in the program. A CONNECT lab fee is included in the Additional Program Fees stated in the Fee Schedule for students not studying online. Students should not purchase a laptop computer or software until the College publishes the recommended configuration, models, software titles and versions for that academic year. Laptop requirementsA part-time, online version of this program is available

Program Duration:
30 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
Fall 2023:
Spring 2023:
Spring 2024:
Winter 2024:
March 2023:
March 2024:
February 2023:
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