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Fire Safety Systems - FSS1


One of the most critical questions about any property – from a school to a factory to an apartment building is how safe will people be if a fire breaks out? After completing the Fire Safety Systems certificate program, you can be the person to ensure that others are adequately protected in the event of a fire.
As a fire alarm technician student, you’ll be given training in the skills required to perform various technical functions, including the assessing and maintenance of fire alarm and sprinkler problems. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the codes, legislations, and standards that protect property owners.
Additionally, you’ll be provided with hands-on experience and fire safety training to ensure that property owners have fire detection devices that are correctly installed. Finally, the Applied Fire Safety Practices course will allow you to demonstrate the skills you’ve learned in a workplace environment.
The public wants to know they are safe when they are in buildings, and it can be your job to help them feel that way with the Fire Safety Systems ProgramThis program is recognized by the Canadian Fire Alarm Association. Upon completing this program, you will qualify as a CFAA Registered Trainee Fire Alarm Technician.
As a student, you’ll be given the knowledge and training in the skills required to understand how fire alarm systems monitor and control other building systems, sprinkler and HVAC. The program also provides training in the skills required to perform various technical functions involving the assessing and maintenance of fire alarm systems. Graduates will be able to assist in providing required verification inspections of new systems, yearly required inspections of all existing systems and miscellaneous trouble calls of many varied causes.
Additionally, you will learn the detailed requirements of codes, legislation and standards designed to offer an ever-increasing level of life safety. The combination of basic electrical & electronic knowledge, specific fire alarm-related theory, hands-on understanding of sprinkler systems, and practical work experience will increase the level of competence in the industry.

Program Duration:
30 weeks
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