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Fine Art - FAS1

Advanced Diploma

Fanshawe’s three-year fine arts program celebrates traditional hands-on approaches to the visual arts. Our excellent studios, dedicated to students in this program, will provide you with the perfect environment to explore your talents in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, video, digital art. You’ll also study the history and philosophy of art to help provide a theoretical background for your practice. As part of your education, you will exhibit in several art galleries, enhancing your knowledge and experiences of professional practise and facilitating the beginning of a Fine Art career. When you graduate from the fine arts program, you’ll have the option of continuing your studies at the university level if you’re interested in becoming an art teacher. If you prefer to venture out into the private sector, you may join other students from the fine arts program who have worked as museum curators, studio assistants, commercial technicians, and freelance consultants. The Fine Art program is an intensive three-year course of study. It emphasizes the development of manual, perceptual and conceptual skills in various media which are used as disciplines considered necessary for working as a professional artist and/or teacher. Students wishing to enter the Fine Art advanced diploma program must first successfully complete the one-year Fine Art Foundation certificate program. Students that have successfully completed the Fine Art Foundation program, and wish to continue with the Fine Art program, must complete an "Application for Program Transfer" form available from the Office of the Registrar, Room E1012.

Program Duration:
90 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
Fall 2023:
Spring 2023:
Spring 2024:
Winter 2024:
March 2023:
March 2024:
February 2023:
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