Fanshawe College

Advanced Filmmaking - AFM2

Graduate Certificate

Write, direct, shoot and edit multiple films in this exciting and challenging filmmaking program. Your prior technical, theoretical and creative knowledge will be built on as we introduce you to the wide range of possibilities available as a part of a filmmaking crew. Students are exposed to the breadth of crew positions spanning pre-production through post production. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to enter the film and television industry in a variety of jobs. Our industry-trained and connected faculty will guide you through the technical and artistic aspects of documentary and narrative filmmaking, as you produce short films in collaboration with classmates and students in other programs. One-on-one mentorships with faculty through each stage of production is a cornerstone of this program.Gain a strong understanding of the Canadian film industry, learn from our esteemed guest lecturers and network with industry experts and gain professional experience through a semester-long internship. The Advanced Filmmaking program is an Ontario College Graduate Certificate program with three semesters, which builds upon the student’s previous diploma/degree and skills. Students have opportunities to work in cross-functional, collaborative teams to create both narrative and documentary films. All phases of digital filmmaking will be experienced, including pre-production, production, and post-production. Throughout the filmmaking process, students will collaborate with classmates as well as students in other college programs such as television, acting, visual effects & editing, audio post-production, fashion and others. Students learn on and work with state-of-the art equipment; gaining skills in camera operation with 4k Industry-standard equipment & production gear and editing in Avid media Composer. No matter your technical background, you will be brought up to speed early and making films right away.

Program Duration:
37 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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