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Music Recording Arts - MRA


This unique, highly competitive program combines the best of both worlds, at two of the most highly-competitive music programs in the country. The first two years of study are spent at Western University’s Bachelor of Music program, followed by three years in a combination of courses from both the Bachelor of Music program and Fanshawe’s Music Industry Arts program. Upon graduation, you will be armed with both a Bachelor’s degree and an Ontario diploma in just five years. Immerse yourself in your music strengths, learning music theory, history, skills, composition, teaching and learning, while becoming critically aware of all aspects of music and the music industry such as audio engineering and the entertainment business. You’ll also gain the practical, employable skills to communicate with clients, employers and artists. The Music Recording Arts (MRA) program is a five-year, integrated program. The program is intended to produce students who are articulate, informed and critically aware of all aspects of music and the music industry, including audio engineering and the entertainment business. Graduates will acquire high-level performance skills in the hands-on techniques and processes related to specific music performance, recording technologies, music production and industry best practices.

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