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Interactive Media Development - 3D Visualization - VIS1

Advanced Diploma

In this three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma program, students develop the professional, technical and design skills needed to find success in the digital media workplace. Graduates find careers as designers and developers in creative, technical and marketing jobs, or as interactive designers and programmers, prototype and visualization designers. From core principles of visualization and interactive media, to sophisticated technologies of virtual and augmented reality, you’ll learn to create innovative virtual solutions to real-world problems. You'll hone your design skills and apply them in concept modeling and interface development. You'll blend technical proficiency with 2D and 3D design to transform ideas into unique visual representations and prototypes, then connect users to them on digital platforms such as social media, websites and mobile devices. Students will develop two- and three-dimensional design skills in a curriculum focused initially on the core principles of visualization technologies and interactive media. Foundation courses including image and motion design, HTML/CSS/JavaScript Web technologies, data concepts, data management and visual communication will provide the basis for working with technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. Throughout the second and third years, students will study more advanced concepts of visualization including 3D modeling, Web application development, data analytics and visualization, generative art and user experience design. In the third year, students will continue with advanced visualization studies with emphasis on an integrative capstone project or a client-based applied research project internship.

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