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Early Childhood Education (Fast Track) - ECE6


The Early Childhood Education (Fast Track) program is designed for students who want to go from the classroom to a career in a short time. As a student you will experience a unique blend of theory and coursework, with real experience in the field. Over 10 months, you'll develop your knowledge and professional skills in the early childhood educator's role and responsibilities, the importance of play in children's learning, family involvement and curriculum design and pedagogy. Your practicum will expose you to a wide variety of age groups and multiple organizations, providing eclectic experiences that will make you more valuable to the field of early childhood education.
When you graduate you will have the knowledge and necessary skills to work with children, families and community in the context of early learning and development programs for children from birth to age twelve. You will also be prepared to work in a variety of settings, including child care centres, early learning and family centres, Best Start programs, before and after school programs and with school boards.Certifications and Pathway OpportunitiesStudents are required upon graduation and prior to working as an Early Childhood Educator to join the College of Early Childhood Educators.
Certification by the Association for Early Childhood Educators, Ontario may be applied for after completion of the program. The certification process involves the completion of a personal profile and the successful completion of a certification examination.
Students who graduate from this program and wish to transfer to another Community Studies program at Fanshawe College may qualify for some internal credits that have already been achieved.
Graduates of this program, once they have completed a bridge program, can enter into Level 5 of the Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Degree program at Fanshawe College.

Program Duration:
37 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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