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Aviation Technology - Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics - AVI1

Advanced Diploma

The Aviation Technology - Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics advanced diploma will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to start a career in aircraft maintenance and/or aircraft avionics maintenance.This program will cover all aspects of aircraft maintenance including systems used in general aviation, corporate, and charter transport category aircraft as well as helicopters.The program will also include avionics training for service, repair, and maintenance of aircraft electrical and electronic systems such as communication, navigation and data systems.The interdisciplinary nature of this program, pairing maintenance and avionics, will provide 24 months accreditation towards a prospective Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License, six months over and above the existing Aircraft Maintenance diploma program currently approved by Transport Canada (TC-2013-08-4174).This additional training provides opportunity for ab initio-trained Maintenance Technicians to log the appropriately required demonstrated skills in both maintenance and avionics, thereby permitting them to apply for 'M' (or Maintenance) or 'E' (Electrical or Avionics) category licensing, post apprenticeship.This will permit graduates to apply for either 'M' or 'E' category licensing, which allows for greater scope of work and greater flexibility to move between the disciplines of Maintenance and Avionics much more fluidly. Graduates may enjoy greater job prospects due to this breadth of knowledge and interdisciplinary background.A co-op version of this program is also available (for Canadian students only).

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