Fanshawe College

Agri-Business Management - AGM2B

Graduate Certificate

Agribusiness is the study of agricultural production - managing every step of the supply chain from farm to table and everything in between. A dynamic and complex field, agribusiness is adaptive and flexible, responding to new technological advances while remaining sustainable globally.Fanshawe's Agri-Business Management graduate certificate will allow you to enter the agricultural sector at a supervisory level, preparing you to either manage an existing organization or as an entrepreneur. You’ll graduate with a competitive edge – understanding business fundamentals and industry specific training. In just eight months, our program will cover:Sales and marketing;
Human resources and relationship management;
Occupational health and safety;
Accounting and finance;
Food safety and traceability;
Safe handling and application of pesticides;
Precision technologies such as GPS and drone applications.
Finding the balance between theory and practice is what Fanshawe does best. Our Agri-Business Management program offers traditional lectures and practical hands-on training, as well as a six week field placement, giving you the experience you need to succeed.Note: This program is also offered in Simcoe.

Program Duration:
36 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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