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Game - Design - VGD2

Advanced Diploma

The Game - Design program is an intensive three-year advanced diploma focusing on the tools and techniques necessary to gain employment in the video game industry. The goal of the program is to provide students with the professional and artistic skills necessary to create compelling and innovative games. There are few professions as in-demand as video game designers, and London, Ontario is at the center of this vibrant and growing industry. You’ll study at Fanshawe’s London Downtown Campus, surrounded by leading gaming and tech industry firms. Through networking opportunities and live-client projects, these innovators will mentor you and critique you and show you how to advance in your career in the gaming industry. Our faculty are industry-trained and experts in the field, committed to connecting you with the industry’s finest. Develop your 2D and 3D skills by studying art and design theory, modelling, animation, texturing, anatomy and drawing. You’ll then build on these basics for an understanding of the video game as a whole. At every step of the way, designers, animators, producers and art directors in the video game industry will make sure you know how your skills will be used in the real world.

London - Downtown
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