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Event Planning - SEP2


Event Planning is a two-year diploma program designed for individuals interested in a career in event management. Students will be exposed to the vast types of special events, from social events, corporate meetings, festivals, conventions, and large sporting events. Students will develop essential event management skills such as planning, assessment, communication, and critical thinking. In this diploma program, you will learn skills in project management, event and communications technology, marketing, food and beverage hosting and management, customer relations, event execution, and more. Our small class sizes offer a collaborative environment where you can develop a strong connection with faculty, peers and industry partners. This program will explore current trends and technologies in the event industry, including software applications, food and beverage, PR and sponsorship, logistics, risk management, business tools, and more. Students will gain hands-on experience in planning, marketing, and executing events. With a focus on practical event experiences, you’ll apply your knowledge in planning and executing fundraising events, including a final capstone project. You will also participate in various multi-disciplinary event projects with students in other programs, and gain valuable work experience in a semester-long co-op. The program enjoys strong ties to the event management community providing an opportunity for students to collaborate and network with a variety of community partners through field trips to events, destinations, and guest lectures. Upon graduation, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills for an event planning career. Students will be provided opportunities to explore their area of interest including corporate events, social events, and sporting events. Students will also explore event destinations. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to obtain WSET and Prud’homme Beer certifications. The program also fulfils the educational requirements for the industry certification designation: Certified Meeting Planner (CMP). Students may continue their education after graduation through a degree pathway to Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC or the Limerick Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology Tralee in Ireland.

London - Downtown
Program Duration:
60 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
Fall 2023:
Spring 2023:
Spring 2024:
Winter 2024:
March 2023:
March 2024:
February 2023:
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