Fanshawe College

Digital Communication Management - DCM2

Graduate Certificate

In the Digital Communication Management program, our industry-trained and connected faculty will teach you the tools and skills required to work in digital communication. You’ll develop and analyze materials which attract and engage diverse audiences, and sharpen your communications skills to create and distribute content for a range of platforms using multimedia and interactive tools. You’ll also cultivate strategies for personal and professional development to enhance work performance and maximize professional opportunities in communication management. Through our program, you’ll learn professional communication industry standards, practices and ethics and copyright law in the development and delivering of content. Gain practical skills in user experience, from conceptualization to implementation of multi-platform programming, and graduate ready to hit the ground running in the workplace. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for jobs such as Digital Communication Specialist, Social Media Manager, Social Media Strategist and Digital Media Manager. This program pairs well with graduate certificates such as Public Relations - Corporate Communications, Marketing Management or Advanced Communications for Professionals. Digital Communication Management is a two-semester Ontario College Graduate Certificate program that is intended to prepare students to deliver messages in today's increasingly connected media environment. It is designed for students who want to expand their skills in the production and management of social media, media communications, video and audio production, photography, web and digital design. Graduates will be able to leverage these skills in content strategy and curation, as well as user experience and design to develop significant opportunities for employment in almost any sector that wishes to engage or educate an audience.

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