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Developmental Services Worker - DSW1


If you believe that having a positive and direct impact on the lives of people with developmental disabilities is a career worth pursuing, then the Developmental Services Worker (DSW) program is designed for you. Students will become highly skilled and reflective practitioners while supporting people of all ages to live as independently as possible, while promoting inclusive communities. Your courses will be dynamic with a focus on mental and physical health, interpersonal skills, teaching and positive behaviour supports. You'll learn how to collaborate and build relationships with family members, and to work with the diverse network of professionals who support people with developmental disabilities. With nearly 700 hours of field experience with community agencies and school partners, you’ll gain the first-hand experience and confidence necessary for success as a developmental support worker.
You'll also have the opportunity to transfer credits for further education at universities such as Ryerson, Windsor, Calgary and Western.High Demand DSW jobs Fanshawe DSW program graduates are in high demand. The majority of grads - if not all - find fulfilling employment within 6 months as direct support professionals, case managers/service coordinators or as educational assistants at a school board.
The Developmental Services Worker two-year diploma program prepares its graduates to be specialists in supporting children and adults with developmental disabilities. Inherent to the role of a DSW is the ability to collaborate and build relationships with people with developmental disabilities and their families and to work with colleagues and members of inter-professional teams to facilitate a seamless network of support for people.
Courses focus on disabilities, person-directed supports, inclusion and community resources, dual diagnosis, interpersonal skills, counselling, health, pharmacology, development, teaching and intervention strategies.
Field placements in community agencies and/or schools are part of the curriculum. Students on field placement are required to work evening shifts and cover any costs associated with preparation for fieldwork.
Graduates from this program wanting to transfer to another Community Studies program at Fanshawe College, may qualify for some internal credits that have already been achieved.

Program Duration:
60 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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