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Graduate Certificate

The Business Development and Sales one-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate prepares you for a dynamic career in business-to-business sales of products, services, and ideas. You learn the guiding principles of professional selling and complex negotiations, as well as strategies for customer relationship management, global selling, and strategic account management success, including an in-depth study of data analytics. Using the latest tools in data analytics, you develop your competency in the use of Big Data - a skillset that is in high demand.
Effective salespeople are expert communicators, passionate problem-solvers, and the engine behind a company`s success. Learn strategies, tactics, and employee development for account and sales management.
You explore financial literacy, communication, and business-to-business marketing to ensure a strong foundation. Courses in sales technology and social selling address the leading edge of the profession in the multifaceted world of business development, offering transferable skills that you can apply to a broad range of industries.
Algonquin College is an accredited partner of the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA).
This program is accredited by the CPSA Institute as providing all 35 hours of pre-requisite education toward the Certified Sales Professional designation, the second level of the Graduated Certification Framework. By successfully completing this program, you may be eligible to earn your Certified Sales Professional Certificate from the CPSA Institute.
Graduates may work in a variety of different fields, as almost all sectors of industry require sales professionals. Fields may include but are not limited to:

High tech
Consultancy firms
This program is well-suited for students who:

Are motivated to work both independently and collaboratively, with an interest in building positive relationships.
Are strong communicators with interest in persuasive negotiation.
Value ethical business practices and are empathetic to others.
Have an interest in multifaceted problem solving.
Possess strong organizational, planning, and time management skills.
Are driven to meet goals and objectives in a competitive market environment.
Are comfortable adapting to new software and tools.
Are respectful of diversity and cultures while ensuring equity and inclusion.

Program Duration:
1 year (28 Weeks)
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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