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Addictions and Mental Health - AMH1

Graduate Certificate

The Addictions and Mental Health one-year program will be beneficial for seasoned practitioners who are committed to maintaining currency, and/or who are seeking career advancement. Students who are newly graduated from post-secondary may also wish to enroll in this program to deepen their knowledge and skill base prior to entering the workforce. Opportunities to work in varying sectors such as child, adult, family and gerontology-based programs may broaden for students who complete this Graduate Certificate. This program is designed for graduate students who are interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills to advance their career or enter the workforce. You will learn the fundamental components of addictions and mental health issues, promotion and prevention, pharmacology, and social treatment approaches. As a student within the mental health and addictions program, you will feel confident using intervention techniques, educate individuals through knowledge exchange, work collaboratively in teams and build wholistic relationships. Prepare for a career as a mental health worker by gaining hands-on experience through a capstone and field placement within addictions and mental health. Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills while working collaboratively with various professionals. The intent of this program will be to ready students to work in a variety of Human Services settings such as community programs, residential care, social service programs, early childhood and family centres, recreation and leisure services, gerontology programs, group homes as well as any other settings that support prevention, intervention and treatment of addictions and/or mental illness.

Program Duration:
30 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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