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Find your perfect fit in the world of business.
With a strong focus on developing the skills needed for today`s business environment, this one-year Ontario College Certificate program prepares you to carry out a variety of business functions within an organization. You develop practical understanding of key principles and practices necessary to pursue future studies in the field of business or for an entry-level position in business. This program may also appeal to those who have existing careers or credentials who wish to enhance their fundamental business knowledge and skills.
In this program, you combine theory and hands-on learning to gain practical business knowledge in the areas of:

business management
human resources management
document production
accounting/financial reporting
professional communications
business application software
Participate in simulations dealing with realistic business problems and solutions. Gain practical skills through applied activities supported by opportunities to examine current industry issues and find solutions based on an integrated approach. Develop skills in the use of technology and foundational business practices with an emphasis on the practical demands of a job, including:

preparing professional documents
interacting with the workforce
meeting timelines
prioritizing activities
working under pressure
accepting responsibility, and
demonstrating initiative
Graduates may apply their newly developed skills and knowledge to improve their existing organization, gain an entry-level position in business, or pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. Graduates may find entry-level employment in a variety of business-related industries such as:

educational institutions
government ministries and agencies
health-care facilities
large and small businesses and corporations
not-for-profit organizations
regional offices within government
hospitality and service sector
financial institutions
With advanced standing through shared core courses, graduates may choose to continue their business education in diplomas such as: Business-General, Accounting, Human Resources Management, Finance, Business Marketing, Business Management and Entrepreneurship or Business Administration.
This program is well-suited for students who:

Are well-organized and can work effectively under tight time constraints.
Are team-oriented and enjoy working with others.
Like using computer and technology applications.
Have strong organizational and leadership abilities.
Enjoy working in a dynamic environment.
Have a collaborative style and good communication skills.
Like to solve problems using analytical and critical thinking skills.

Program Duration:
28 Weeks
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
Winter 2023:
Fall 2023:
Spring 2023:
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