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Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering - PEM1

Graduate Certificate

If your formal studies are behind you, and you’ve already gained some valuable experience working in the engineering field, the Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering program will allow you to hone in on your already specialized skills, increasing your value and respect in the workplace. In one short year, you’ll train in the practical elements associated with the profession of mechanical engineering, such as CAD, Blueprint Reading, and Machining and Welding. You’ll dig deep into CADD fundamentals, and SPC and Metrology, along with tool design, industrial pneumatics and PLCs. You’ll work in state-of-the-art labs with cutting-edge equipment, alongside your already well-established peers and potential colleagues. As well, you’ll learn more about project management, sharpening your leadership and administrative skills. All of this will enhance your already world-class set of engineering skills. This program gives engineering students a one-year, intensive training in the practical elements associated with mechanical engineering to complement the theoretical skills that they presently obtain in their formal studies. This program is offered at more than one campus for your convenience. Learn more about Fanshawe’s campuses in London and Simcoe.

Program Duration:
30 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
Fall 2023:
Spring 2023:
Spring 2024:
Winter 2024:
March 2023:
March 2024:
February 2023:
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