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Early Childhood Education - ECE1


Does shaping and nurturing young minds of the future while enjoying a satisfying, in-demand career interest you? Fanshawe’s Early Childhood Education program will give you the skills and the hands-on experience to get you on your way.
Our unique program blends theory and coursework with real experience in the field. You’ll develop knowledge and professional skills in child development with the assistance of our diverse courses and learn about the valuable and specialized role you play in the community.
Graduates from this program will gain diverse and dynamic skills for the evolving world of childhood education. You’ll be qualified to work in a range of jobs including child care centres, early learning and family centres, before and after school programs and with school boards.
This two-year Ontario College Diploma program will develop students' knowledge and professional skills in the early childhood educator's role and responsibilities. Your work placement will expose you to a wide variety of age groups and multiple organizations. You’ll have had dynamic and eclectic experiences that will make you more valuable to the field of Early Childhood EducationFlexible OptionsThis program is offered at more than one campus and fully online for your convenience. Learn more about the programs and services of Fanshawe’s campuses in Clinton, St. Thomas and Woodstock. Not sure if you're ready for online learning? Take Fanshawe's online learning readiness test to see if getting a diploma online is for you.This program is also available part-time.

Program Duration:
60 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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