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Developmental Services Worker (Accelerated) - DSW5J


With the accelerated option of the Developmental Services Worker program, you’ll go from student to career in just 12 months. If you believe that having a positive and direct impact on the lives of people with developmental disabilities is a career worth pursuing, and are looking for personal and professional satisfaction on a daily basis, Fanshawe’s Developmental Services Worker (DSW) program will guide you toward your goals.
You’ll become a specialist in working with children and adults with developmental disabilities. Your courses will be dynamic with a focus on:Disabilities;
Mental health;
Interpersonal skills;
And intervention strategies.
As well, you’ll learn how to collaborate and build relationships with family members, and to work with the diverse network of support for people with developmental disabilities. You’ll also participate in a field placement as part of an agency or school, gaining hands on skills and first-hand experience.
When you graduate, you’ll be able to work as a support worker, advocate, and educational assistant, or at a board of education. You’ll also have the opportunity to transfer credits for further education at universities such as Ryerson, Windsor, Calgary and Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

Program Duration:
48 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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