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Culinary Skills - CHF2


In this one-year program, you’ll develop many culinary skills while fine-tuning essential food preparation and knife skills. You’ll gain a well-rounded educational experience by taking hospitality-related theory courses such as nutrition, purchasing and menu planning and food and baking theory. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice your skills and hone your culinary craft to be ready to launch your career with a professional kitchen or catering company. Gain practical, hands-on kitchen training in Fanshawe’s teaching restaurant, The Chef’s Table at Fanshawe College, located in the heart of downtown London close to potential employers. You may choose to further extend your culinary skills by bridging into the second year of the Cook II Apprenticeship, Culinary Management, Nutrition and Food Services Management, or the second semester of Baking and Pastry Arts Management, and graduate with two credentials. By taking the Culinary Skills program at Fanshawe college, you will be introduced to the challenging and exciting world of professional cooking. If you enjoy cooking and the creativity it offers, this program will give you the basics needed for career success. You will learn through extensive hands-on instruction, the theory and practical techniques of multiple cooking and baking methods and knife skills.Culinary Skills is the stepping stone for a multitude of career opportunities. Students who successfully complete the requirements for the Culinary Skills Certificate and wish to expand their skills and education, have the option to continue in the second year of the Culinary Management program. In this program, they will have an opportunity to complete a work placement (externship), learn more through the study of artisanal cuisine, the intricacies of the restaurant line as well as enhance their managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Uniforms and Equipment

London - Downtown
Program Duration:
30 weeks
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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