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Culinary Management - CLM4


Culinary Management is an exciting and creative two year diploma program designed to develop students culinary skills and professionalism. In conjunction with many practical labs where students will learn basic and advanced culinary techniques, this program also provides instruction in the areas of food and bake theory, nutrition, entrepreneurism and kitchen management. Students will obtain Safe Food Handling and Smartserve certifications as part of the program. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to obtain WSET and Prud’homme Beer certifications. Practical classes are taught in state-of-the-art culinary and baking lab facilities featuring the latest equipment. Gain practical, hands-on kitchen training in our teaching restaurant, The Chef's Table at Fanshawe College, in downtown London. You’ll also gain work experience through a five-week field placement in the industry and large quantity cooking experience by participating in extracurricular and charitable events throughout the academic year.Recruiters in the culinary industry visit annually to meet with students. Students may also participate in annual competitions and the program also partners with world-renowned schools in Italy and Switzerland to take part in our international field trips. Graduates of the program are eligible to study further through pathways to other Fanshawe programs including Nutrition and Food Services Management and Baking and Pastry Arts Management.

London - Downtown
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