Cornerstone (CICCC)

UI/UX Designer Specialist

Private (Work & Study)

During UI/UX design specialist and advanced programs, students will learn about customer-centric design and how to design and evaluate a product from usability and usefulness perspectives. Some of the topics that are offered in this program are: Foundation of UI/UX, design evaluation, product design life cycle, responsive and adaptive design and analytics.

Our article about the 5 steps to become a UX designer will give you a better understanding to boost your career. Each individual in-class and online UI/UX design course will help students to master the following skills below:

Understand the collecting feedback process on design and answering the feedback
Understand user experience topics in web design such as vertical and horizontal prototyping
Demonstrate the ability to problem solve using design tools and techniques
Understand the stages of the design sprint
Learning about communication between UI/UX and product management
Understanding Agile methodology in product design and development
How to use design to inform business and help with market and user research
Demonstrate the ability to produce a low, medium and high-fidelity prototype of the product
UIUX 101 - Introduction to Design
UIUX 102- Information Design
UIUX 201- Interaction Design Methods
UIUX 301- Multi-Platform UI Design
UIUX 302 - Design Evaluation
UIUX 401 - Design Sprint
UIUX 402 - Design Communication
UIUX 403 - Intro to Special Topics In UX Design
UIUX 501 - Design Project 1

British Columbia
Program Duration:
1 Year
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
Successful completion of upper-intermediate level English course at Cornerstone College or;

Academic IELTS 6.5
Duolingo 105
Qualification for ESL level upper-intermediate on the CICCC placement test
Start Dates:
Jan 30th, 2023
May 29th, 2023
September 25th, 2023
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