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Get the competitive edge with the perfect mix of theory and hands-on experience.
In this 14-week Bartending Ontario College Certificate program, you gain the practical dexterity and professional development skills you need to become a professional bartender. Obtain five-star service instruction from industry professionals with real-world advice and guidance.
Gain applied skills in cocktail artistry and beverage service, and learn the principles and practices of bar management in our fully-stocked, multi-station mixology and wine-tasting labs. Through sampling and tasting, expand your palate and develop an appreciation for the complexity and diversity of spirits, liqueurs, beers and wines. It is the perfect blend of theory and hands-on experience to achieve competitive edge for your bartending career.
During the Bartending program, earn certificates that give you a competitive edge when job hunting, including the Smart Serve certificate, Draft Beer Quality certificate, and Workplace Violence and Harassment certificate. Smart Serve is a mandatory certification for serving alcohol in licensed establishments in Ontario.
Expand your real-world experience with a field placement in an Ottawa bar, restaurant or nightclub. This placement gives you the opportunity to network with industry contacts.
There is a demand for qualified bartenders in today`s hospitality industry. You may find employment as a bartender in:

convention centres
cruise ships
With further training, you may advance to positions such as bar or food and beverage manager. You must be 19 years of age to apply to this program.
This program is well suited for students who:

Enjoy working in nightclubs or any hotel/restaurant industry.
Prefer immediate and profitable rewards from their occupation.
Seek to share their unique creations in a social environment.
Are eager to network and share creative promotional ideas.
Possess strong interpersonal and social skills.

Program Duration:
14 Weeks
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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