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Civil Engineering


BCIT has offered a very highly-regarded two-year Diploma in Civil Engineering since opening its doors in 1964. As with any successful educational program, it has evolved through its fifty-year lifespan to address changes in the engineering and construction fields, and reflect current states of practise.At present, the Diploma in Civil Engineering is one of two credentials available within BCIT’s Civil Engineering program, conferred after successful completion of the first two years of study. At this point, the student may choose to enter the workforce and advance a career as a Civil Engineering Technologist or continue their academic studies towards acquiring an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. These further academic studies are possible for qualified students within the B.Eng. in Civil Engineering program at BCIT, or elsewhere in other Civil Engineering programs across Canada.The Civil Engineering Technologist is an essential member of the engineering team and contributes to the planning, design and construction of municipal works, residential development, industrial and commercial buildings, highways, environmental protection work and other types of projects. Many graduates have pursued very successful careers as technologists, and the demand from industry for technologists remains extremely strong.

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