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Bachelor of Technology (Digital Health) (Honours) (Co-op)

Bachelor Degree

Information Communications Technologies (ICTs) are a critical aspect of modern digital health ecosystems, supporting healthcare delivery through the provision of timely and reliable information for patient care, scientific research, strategic decision-making, data analytics and consumer health applications. This four-year bachelors degree prepares students for a career in todays digital health workforce by providing knowledge, skills and competencies in the related domains of health technology studies, business technology management, and software development. Students build a multidisciplinary set of competencies through immersive learning simulations, innovative laboratory exercises and applied digital health projects in order to leverage essential technologies and systems to become successful healthcare technology professionals. Students inform and shape the future of healthcare by contributing to the design, development and improvement of innovative healthcare technologies, such as mobile health apps, hospital information systems, clinical decision aids and business intelligence applications.
Students gain theoretical and practical knowledge through online, in-class, clinical and simulation-based learning experiences. Students apply analytical and leadership skills in a hands-on, research-rich learning environment throughout the program. Students have the opportunity to further apply and refine skills and knowledge while working in project teams during a co-operative work experience in industry.
Graduates have a unique blend of practical knowledge and abilities that can be leveraged in the health, technology and business sectors. Graduates are well positioned to find employment in healthcare institutions (e.g. hospitals, clinics, public health units, laboratories), digital health consulting firms, government (both federal and provincial), or other private sector digital health solution providers. Graduates also have the option to pursue further academic studies in the field.
The Bachelor of Technology (Digital Health) (Honours) program is aligned with the learning outcomes and competencies published by the Business Technology Management (BTM) standards. Algonquin College has initiated the accreditation process with BTM.
This program is well suited for students who:

Possess strong analytical, logical, critical-thinking and interpersonal skills.
Enjoy working both independently and collaboratively in problem-solving teams.
Are interested in working in diverse situations spanning healthcare, business and technology.
Enjoy confronting challenges and leveraging technologies to overcome obstacles.
Appreciate working in a creative environment, and challenging their beliefs through exposure to a diversity of opinions.

Program Duration:
4 Years
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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