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Bachelor of Technology (Business Systems Development (Honours) (Co-op)

Bachelor Degree

Today`s global business environment requires students that have developed the ability to become technology professionals capable of creating and implementing information and communications technology solutions to achieve competitive advantages, productivity gains, and innovation. This four-year degree program prepares students for a career in business software systems development and technology management by providing skills and competencies in two closely related disciplines, technology and business. Our program curriculum provides the necessary key knowledge in software development and business technology management required by business and offers students the opportunity to use, develop, and research emerging business technologies such as mobile and wearable computing, artificial intelligence and agent technologies.
Students gain practical experience in technology project management, systems analysis and design, software development and implementation, data analysis, database technologies, operating systems, web applications and information security. When combined with knowledge of business principles, economics, accounting, internal audit and human resource management, students develop a unique skill set critical for strategic information and communications technology development environments.
Graduates have a unique blend of applied knowledge and skills in core competencies in software development and business, including the project management book of knowledge (PMBOK) and the business analysis book of knowledge (BABOK). Students gain significant hands-on experience through online, in-class, simulation-based learning experiences and experiential learning activities such as co-op work terms and interdisciplinary final year team-based projects. The combination of knowledge, skills and experience allows students to integrate quickly into the complex global technology and business workforce in entry level information communications technology positions.
The Bachelor of Technology (Business Systems Development) (Honours) program is aligned with the learning outcomes and competencies published by the Business Technology Management (BTM) standards. Algonquin College has initiated the accreditation process with BTM.
This program is well suited for students who:

Possess strong analytical, logical, critical-thinking and interpersonal skills.
Succeed working independently and collaboratively in problem-solving teams.
Are interested in working in diverse situations spanning business, and technology.
Enjoy working with computers, mobile devices and up-to-date technology.
Appreciate working in a creative environment, and challenging their beliefs through exposure to a diversity of opinions.

Program Duration:
4 Years
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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