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Bachelor of Science (Building Science) (Honours) (Co-op)

Bachelor Degree

This four-year Bachelor of Science (Building Science) (Honours) degree prepares you to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze and problem solve in optimizing the performance of buildings by bridging all facets of building design, construction, human comfort and sustainability.
Opportunities for applied and hands-on experiences with building materials, components and systems are woven throughout the program of study. The program integrates theoretical and applied learning environments to provide opportunities for you to experience current and emerging technologies that support both the construction and operation of buildings.
This program responds to a critical need to prepare professionals with a better understanding of building physics, which is the core of the program. Throughout the program, you will develop the scientific mindset required to engage in scientific inquiry, reason in a scientific context and provide evidence based approaches and solutions. You will also hone the skills and abilities needed to optimize buildings working as a system and address the fact that buildings are becoming ever-increasingly more complex. This is driven by the continuously growing demand for increased energy efficiency, comfort, structural durability and healthy environments.
You will develop abilities to recognize, forecast and document both successful and poor building performance as well as analytical skills to evaluate the impact of each component in the system and identify potential problems before they become hazards, or potential opportunities for improved performance.
Given that the complexity of working in a multidisciplinary industry requires group success, you will collaboratively conceive, develop and implement solutions as a team using holistic approaches. You will emerge as generalists able to handle these complexities through integrated construction practices. The Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence at Algonquin College (ACCE) offers access to an integrated learning and applied research environment. ACCE provides an industry hub to train, inspire and collaborate with construction industry partners.
Interactive and dynamic courses, along with co-op work terms, encourage the development of personal and interpersonal skills that position you for success in your future employment. This program includes two mandatory cooperative education (Co-op) Work Term(s).
Industry trends and market analyses are indicative of employment opportunities for graduates. With the knowledge learned in this program, you may be able to find work as building scientists, architectural or construction project managers, energy consultants or building inspectors. You may also find employment as a researcher, junior analyst, entrepreneur or as technical staff with engineering firms or government agencies.
This program is well suited for students who:

Appreciate the role of mathematics and applied science in the development of engineering solutions.
Can work independently and contribute to problem-solving teams.
Like to use drawings and spatial reasoning to visualize possibilities.
Are inquisitive about the reasoning behind the choices and decisions made during building construction.
Enjoy the challenge of researching and testing building methods and materials.
Are interested in working with individuals who offer diverse perspectives.

Program Duration:
4 Years
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
Winter 2023:
Fall 2023:
Spring 2023:
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