British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

Graphic Design


Your creativity combined with perceptive and analytical skills could lead you to a fulfilling and successful career in graphic design. In this age of information, organizations are expanding their communications and marketing departments, increasing the demand for graphic designers and communication professionals. While the technology is ever-evolving, strategy and concept development remain the valuable core of this dynamic profession.The Certificate in Graphic Design provides you with a skillset preparing you for success in the graphic design field in either Two Terms (15 weeks each) or Three Terms (15 weeks each) depending on which model you apply for. This program combines a solid foundation in technical expertise and design process (term one) and continues with project design/development and critical skills—from concept through to completion—in term two. Subjects taught include typography, brand identity, corporate communications, UI/UX, and more. You will learn to create professional, impactful design that engages its target audience by the considered use of design principles.

British Columbia
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