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Police Foundations


Your first step in preparing for a career in law enforcement.
The Police Foundations Ontario College Diploma program provides you with a foundational knowledge of the field of law enforcement. Curriculum includes both theory and applied lessons in law enforcement - helping you prepare for employment in the industry. This program offers instruction in:

police powers and procedures
community policing
investigation processes
ethics, and
While there is a strong theoretical aspect to this program, there are many opportunities for hands-on learning through in-class scenario situations and our fitness program. Outside the classroom, students are required to complete 35 hours of volunteering by the end of their first two semesters at an approved community based agency.
The program prepares you to apply for and be tested for employment in the law enforcement industry. As fitness is an important part of a career in law enforcement, you use an on-site fitness facility to prepare for physical fitness tests required by law enforcement agencies. In addition to your work in our fitness facility, you establish and maintain your own exercise schedule.
There are a number of potential job opportunities for graduates of this program in areas such as:

municipal, provincial or federal police services
military police service
bylaw services
Canada Border Services Agency
Transit security
private or public sector security
Correctional Services Canada
social services agencies
Government of Canada
Parliamentary Protective Services, or
This program is well-suited for students who:

Possess good communication (written, verbal, technological) and interpersonal abilities.
Are committed to serving the broad and diverse needs of their community.
Have strong analytical and observational skills.
Enjoy working as a team member.
Maintain a good level of physical fitness.

Program Duration:
2 Years
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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