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Music, Media and Film Foundations


Explore the fields of music, media and film to define your career pathway.
Define your interest in music, media and film production in the one-year Music, Media and Film Foundation Ontario College Certificate program. As a student, you explore career opportunities in the music, media and film industry and develop foundational skills to prepare you for further post-secondary study in film, radio, television or music industry arts.
In this program, you build fundamental techniques in audio and video production and apply them within a studio environment. You develop storytelling skills, allowing your message to reach audiences in an influential way. You plan and prepare for further education and the industry, focusing on the academic and professional skills that will help you get there. In this program, you work collaboratively to create media assets, learning the many roles that function together in the music, media and film industry.
This foundational program allows you to build a portfolio that demonstrate your readiness for several related programs, acting as a starting point for further education. These foundations provide students with an introduction to more advanced music-, media- and film-related programs including but not limited to:

Music Industry Arts
Broadcasting - Television and Streaming Video
Broadcasting - Radio and Podcasting
Film and Media Production
As a graduate, you will qualify to receive transfer credits in related programs for some courses taken in this program. Contact the Program Coordinator to explore specific transfer credit opportunities.
This program is well-suited for students who:

Are exploring their options within the music, media and film industry.
Are passionate about sound- and screen-based media.
Enjoy working in creative and collaborative environments.
Enjoy learning new technical skills.

Program Duration:
1 Year
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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