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Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) (Honours)(Co-op)

Bachelor Degree

This four-year Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) (Honours) degree offers you practical and in-depth knowledge to become a successful marketer, with a strong foundation in business. You will learn modern marketing strategy and techniques necessary to thrive within an increasingly fast-paced, digital environment. Marketing involves understanding consumers` needs and wants and then designing a marketing program that interacts with customers, building engagement and even loyalty. Marketers can craft messaging to target audiences and track their responsiveness, which allows them to strategically discover untapped markets and capitalize upon them.

This marketing degree teaches and applies theory in real-world contexts. In the first two years, you develop core business knowledge such as finance, economics, human resources, law and operations and project management. You will develop a thorough understanding of how a business works, and how marketing integrates with various business units to strengthen the company as a whole. Building on this foundation, you develop and apply marketing strategies and tactics to make data-informed recommendations for marketing plans. Contemporary and emerging technologies are evaluated and utilized, including social media, mobile apps and websites, to build brands in local and global markets. Digital technology, business, and marketing theories are integrated, taking into account international considerations to design and implement innovative marketing plans while respecting ethical issues such as privacy and security. In the third and fourth years, you begin networking and career development through three co-op placements and real-world industry projects.

A combination of case study methodology, co-operative education, team and project-based work provides opportunities to apply your learning in collaboration with industry professionals. In addition, the degree includes hands-on workshops covering topics related to leading edge marketing tools such as Customer Relationship Management, social media management tools, and other emerging digital technologies.
As a graduate you may find employment in a broad range of domestic and international organizations and industries including non-profit groups, corporations, government offices, marketing consulting firms, advertising agencies, market research firms, self-employment and small businesses. Graduates may be employed in a variety of sectors such as natural resources, technology, government, education, services, consumer goods, financial, healthcare, utilities and industrial goods. You may also pursue further academic study in fields related to business, marketing or communications.


This program is well-suited for students who:

Possess analytical, logical and critical thinking ability.
Enjoy creative and innovative approaches to problem solving.
Enjoy working with technology.
Can work independently and collaborate in problem-solving teams.
Are interested in working with a wide variety of people and situations.
Enjoy providing quality solutions that positively impact other people.
Appreciate cultural differences.
Understand the value of communication between people and organizations.

Program Duration:
4 Years
Work Integrated Learning:
PGWP Eligibility:
English Requirement:
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